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Dignity Touch Launches its Line of XL PCAP Touch
Jan 08,2018 / Latest News

Dignity’s line of extra-large format PCAP touch panels look to service the education and communication industries

Shunde, Foshan, GuangdongJanuary 2018 - Dignity Touch Solutions has developed and launched a comprehensive line of standard and custom projected capacitive extra-large format touchscreens to complement its current line of small, medium and large format PCAP touch panels. With sizes up to and including 86”, Dignity is looking to provide a full line of products for educational and meeting technology companies.

With the steady increase of late generation LCD panel manufacturing facilities, and the subsequent reduction in cost for large and extra-large format TFT-LCDs, there has been a concomitant increase in the number of educational, meeting and retail technology solutions using large formats. Whether this is used for conference meeting facilitation, digital whiteboards with stylus and touch capabilities or retail in-store ad and service solutions, the larger format, paired with PCAP’s exceptional touch performance, opens a variety of new options and capabilities for end users.

For information on the product line, feel free to get in touch with our sales department at , or your region’s sales rep, or download the product line introduction from our website’s Product Downloads section.

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