Home Appliances

Touch screens used for home appliances are often used in high-end, luxury products, often premium kitchen appliances or large, installed appliances. Due to the high-end nature of the end use, appearance and performance are set to a high standard. The touch screen should look like and perform as reliably as the rest of the product. Lifespan and reliability are generally concerns due to the price point of the end product.



Common Applications

Installed appliances (ovens, fridges)

Blenders & food processors

Commercial appliances/vending equipment

High-end coffee & beverage equipment

Kitchen Appliances

Standard Product Requirements

Enhanced seals to protect against dust, dirt and liquids

Anti-fingerprint for high end appliances

Enhanced water resistance

Excellent EMI resistance


 Dignity can provide a solution to meet a variety of industrial and instrumentation needs, from touchscreen to full touch display module design and manufacturing. Learn how Dignity's can work with you to meet the demands of your industrial or instrumentation application needs by contacting our sales team at sales@dignity.com.cn.

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