Projected Capacitive Touch
Dignity offers a wide range of standard and custom projected capacitive touchscreens for a broad variety of industries and applications. With the capacity to product touch panels up to 86", Dignity can handle most any project.
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   Options & Notes

Screen Size (Diagonal inches)

   GG: 4.3" - 86" / PG, G1F, GFF: 4.3" - 15.6"

Integrated LCD

   Yes / No

Product Construction

   GG / G1F / GFF / PG


   Tape Bonding / Optical Bonding (OCA & LOCA)

Cover Lens

Cover Lens Thickness

   0.55mm – 10mm

Cover Lens Material

   CS Glass, Gorilla Glass, Heat Tempered, Plastic, etc.

Additional Options

   Silk screening, logos, cut outs, colored glass, etc.

Touch Controller & Interface

Controller Location

   COB / COF

Controller Type

   Silicon Works / EETI / Customer Supplied / As Specified


   I2C, USB, RS232

Operating System

   Windows XP, 7-10, Linux, iOS, Android

Performance Options

   2-50 touch points, palm rejection, water rejection, gloved use, gestural controls, active stylus, etc.

Product Enhancements


   Anti-Glare / Anti-Reflection / Mirror Finish / Dead Front


   Anti-Fingerprint / Anti-Shatter Film / Hard Coat

EMI Resistance

   Metal Mesh / Firmware Tuning / EMI Filters

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