Industrial & Instrumentation

Touch screens that are used for industrial purposes place a high premium on reliability, durability and the ability to function in a variety of adverse conditions.  Tuning and enhancements to allow for the use of gloves, increased impact, shock, vibration and EMI resistance are very common due to the needs of a highly demanding operating environment. Cover lens thickness is often high to improve ruggedness and shock resistance.

To further enhance your instrumentation or industrial application, explore our Custom Product Enhancements and Integration Services.



Common Applications

Factory Automation

Panel PC

Embedded Systems

Production Equipment

Testing & Measurement

Standard Requirements

High level of reliability

Ruggedization & protection from impacts

Input with gloves and styluses

High levels of EMI resistance

Anti-Glare coating or etching

 Dignity can provide a solution to meet a variety of industrial and instrumentation needs, from touchscreen to full touch display module design and manufacturing. Learn how Dignity's can work with you to meet the demands of your industrial or instrumentation application needs by contacting our sales team at

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